Privacy policy

1. Information we may collect from you 

You may choose to provide us with your personal information during some interacting processes. 

2. Why We Collect Your Information

Understanding the readers can help us optimize the website’s interface to enhance users’ experience and better communicate with website visitors. If we know the categories you’re interested in, we may show the relevant content to you. It also helps us give suitable marketing materials to appropriate audiences. 

Cybercrime is becoming more and more popular, so we need to collect some of your data. When there’s any legal issue, we may be required to give your personal information by law.

3. How do we keep your information secure will take reasonable efforts to protect your personal data. We use external data service providers to process readers’ personal data on our behalf. 

We commit your data will be secured in our data center because all the data transferring to external service providers is conducted by secure means. To get more information about the service providers we are now working with, you can contact our staff.

 4. How long do we store your information on our website?

We’ll save your information for the next login so that you can see all updates on our website. The information and content you shared before are still served. For example, the comments you leave on our website will remain infinitely, and the following visitors can read them to have a more realistic view of the products.

5. Restrictions for children under 13 years old

We clarify that there will be restrictions on children’s activities on our website. We do not recommend users under the age of 13 for safety reasons. Parents or guardians should monitor their children’s online behavior to create a healthy environment for their growth. 

6. Contact the seller

If you have any issues with the items you buy through our links, you had better directly contacted the sellers. As we’ve said before, we are just the bridge to connect the customers and sellers, so we are not responsible for the purchase process. 

You can access more information regarding the returning and refund policy of Amazon and sellers here in case you have any problems with your products.